Creativity, From a higher Perspective

At Yensys Aerial, we are here for you! For your ideas, your thoughts, and your dreams.  Of course its easy to make someones ideas into a cookie cutter type program, but not us. Every single video, photo, just about anything you can imagine, will be personalized.  From a simple picture of a sunset, to a full blown music video, we will make you happy, as you see your dreams taking flight.

We Will Fly Anywhere!!! 

Well, within legal and safe areas. Yes, we are that talented, or crazy.  We place our drones in tight spaces, through areas normally seen as inaccessible, and places most would consider crazy.  But, if it’s safe and itwill get that special angle, that “just right shot”, then let’s do it!

Real Estate Photography
Packages Starting @ $120
All packages include color corrected in HDR and edited videos.
Serving the Tampa Bay and St Pete area; but available through out the state of Florida. *additional travel charges apply*
Fast turn around times; some projects can be completed same day!
Weddings, parties, and Events
Packages Starting @ $250
Jobs built specifically to your taste and needs, not a plug and play type.
All pictures and videos are filmed in HD using state of the art DJI drones.
Depending on event needs, we can have an entire team of photographers and pilots ready at your disposal.
Special requests
Packages priced per needs.
Anything you wish to have made into an ever lasting memory in HD. Each job is specifically tailored to your wishes.
Marketing packages specific to your business profile.
Personalizing your own already captured media (whether your travel videos, graduations, anything you want remembered) into unforgettable experience.