Some apps that will help you fly.

Thinking of flying a drone?  Is it a safe place, is the weather ok?  Well here are a couple of apps that can be used along with tips and hints as to what apps you can use to help make your flight the most enjoyable experience it can be.  Although there are quite a few apps out there for different needs here are the more important ones youll need.

There are several different weather apps available for both Apple and Android.  These include UAV Forecast ( ),  Drone buddy , and Hover .  These apps are a great resource to help prepare and maintain a safe and successful flight.

Of all the apps available the most important one would be the Airmaps.  This app lets you notify near by Air Control Towers of your planned flight.  Will cover Airmaps and the Laans system more in detail in a later blog entry.  This is a short blog, but just wanted to make sure to give you guys a little insight to help you get up in the air safely and without a hitch.  Thanks for reading and happy flying.

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